The Corniche Instawalk

The Muttrah corniche is a crowd puller. Day or night, you are bound to find a fair number of people walking, running, cycling or just purely soaking in the sights.It’s no doubt, one of the most scenic areas within the city. It’s also a great location to shoot some street photography. With a fine blend between old and new there’re plenty of images to be captured.
Choosing the corniche to host our next Instawalk was therefore quite the no-brainer. The choice also proved more fruitful on the day due to some overnight rain which brought in some spectacular clouds. Right off the bat we shot along the coast. With the streets getting a lot busier we then shifted our focus to the fish market and the pier where the fishermen disembark after a hard morning’s work. In all, it was a morning well spent with some great people, doing one of the things we enjoy the most.   

The images below are some of what I shot on the day with my Fujifilm XE2, and later processed in Lightroom. Enjoy them, let me know your thoughts and keep shooting.  

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