I almost didn't take this picture.

Look a little closer and you might think I intended to photograph this image. That I spent an absolute age creating it. Actually, this image almost didn't make it. What I mean, is that I almost didn't bother with this image. Here's the back story.

I had spent a long evening with some fellow photographers capturing images along the streets of Muscat but had to hurry back afterwards due to a prior commitment. The others decided to end the day on a high by watching the sunset along the coast and making the most of the spectacle about to unfold. As disappointed as I was that I couldn't make it, there was no turning back. I had agreed to meet a client at a certain time and I wasn't going to get my priorities mixed up, so I jogged hurriedly to the car. Just as I rounded the bend to the car park I noticed the entirety of the area bathed in a massive shadow. Curiosity got the better of me so I glanced behind me, to be met by a large hill. I looked further above and that's when this image was initially created inside my head.
The setting sun was creating some beautiful light that was cast across an equally gorgeous sky and also partly illuminating the hill.
A dilemma ensued in the seconds that followed. Should I get this shot or just leave it for another day. Surely the hill, the fort and the sun weren't going anywhere. I decided I needed the image, and knew that should it be done correctly it would only take a minute. I grabbed my camera from the bag, swapped lenses and exposed for the image. Burst mode ensured I got a few images just in case something went wrong with the initial shot, and I was done. The final image was a fleeting memory. There wasn't any more time to be spent looking through the images. I was in the car and dashing out, just as the last bit of light in the sky began to fade. I got to my meeting on time and didn't get to check the final image till much later that night.When I finally did see it on my screen I was well pleased. What was almost a missed shot ended up being a visual treat. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome.


  1. Naush, your work is amazing. I have always admired you for that. This is real nice stuff. Keep up the work, man! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Ashwini. I really appreciate the kind words and it means a lot. I will, and thanks again!

  2. let's get into the open and click pics of mine with a Barca tee on :) What say bro?