Beauty in the water

I'm back, doing what I love best. If you haven't noticed I did take a brief hiatus to concentrate on a few things, some photography related, some not. It has paid off and instilled a fresh perspective, from which I can already see some very significant gains.

While on the note of significant gains, one thing surely didn't go amiss, and that's the weather. Lately it's been absolutely glorious. There's been a chilly breeze sweeping across the mountains right into town, which could catch you off guard and result in some mesmerizing goose flesh. It sort of reminds us, that even though the sun is shining bold and bright, the short yet most needed winter months have indeed arrived. The only thing left to be done now, is make the most of it. While contemplating where my latest journey should take me, I dug into my image collection to reminisce how beautiful the outdoors around me truly is. A stone's throw from the gorgeous northern coastline of Oman, this is a 'wadi' I visit every year. This time is no different. My first stop in my winter travels will surely be here.

My camera gear is ready and I can't wait to set out. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
Whatever it is you do, take a camera along and keep shooting! :)