Some coastal love!

Walking along the pier in Brighton, the weather was great but out towards the sea there wasn't much worth capturing. Turning my head to the left proved to be the game changer, as this scene was almost begging to be photographed. I just propped my tripod, composed it and shot.

Cure for the itch (The Intro)

To be fascinated is a beautiful thing. It's something I learnt of in my early years as a child while playing with 'lego' and just about anything I could get my tiny hands on.
The fact that through simple coordination a wonderful object could be built left a sense of joy and accomplishment that was incomparable to much else at such a tender age.As I grew older so did the fascination, so much so that it least surprised my parents when I became an automotive engineer.
Yet even while dabbling in everything car-related I could almost feel another itch coming up. A few months later while holding a fancy camera at a store in Kingston upon Thames I knew the cure had been found.

Venturing into photography I only barely knew the basics. Unlike most people I couldn't afford the luxury of photographic courses so I relied on various sources to teach myself. With time and dedication I started to see results and my level of fascination rose two fold. From then on there was no looking back.

That moment right there was precisely when the 'shutter bug' in me was born.

I have now been shooting for just over half a decade and will be using this blog to share my work and also receive as much comments and feedback as possible. For those of you interested in my website, it's currently a work in progress and should be up for viewing in the second half of the year.

I hope you find some fascination amongst my images. Like I said, to be fascinated is a beautiful thing.

Naushad Saleem