The new addiction...

I've had the good fortune of photographing quite frequently since my last blog post, and while this is normally a good enough reason to put a smile on my face, this time was different. Something remarkable happened, which left me proper chuffed.

The past few weeks have been all about street photography, a genre quite foreign to me, yet only because I never gave it the time or thought. Shooting images on the street was utterly liberating, in a sense that every moment was an opportunity that couldn't be missed. Another contributing factor to thoroughly enjoying this experience was the dynamic environment. It challenged me to see things differently, and to me that is as important as any other skill a photographer could possess.

If you're a regular on my blog you will know that I tend to gravitate towards landscape imagery, and while that is still my first love this new addiction is fast becoming hard to ignore. Street photography has been the shot in the arm I needed all along and because it now means so much to me I intend to pursue it as often as I can.

Another mention that cannot go amiss is the heaps of feedback on my last post which I received via comments, messages and even a phone call for which I'm eternally grateful. The motivation and support really went up a notch and I'm looking forward to hearing more. If you happen to see more street related imagery on here in the near future, do not fret. It's the same old me, just in a different place, camera in hand and as always, a smile on my face.