Storm chasing

Long exposures have fast become one of my go-to genres in photography, and I'm always on a keen lookout for opportunities to shoot some great imagery. I got a heck of a chance three weeks ago, when a storm warning was issued. Around our neck of the woods the weather barely ever goes pear shaped, so I knew I had to make use of the conditions to my advantage. With a rapid change in weather came some great skies, complete with the loveliest of clouds. Great scenes were fast unfolding and a lot was to be had. A few short messages back and forth with some other photographers quickly set the wheels in motion, and the following day we set out in the early hours to capture all we could.
It's fair to say that we got a lot more than we bargained for. With the exception of five images the entirety of my morning was spent shooting long exposures.The moving clouds and the choppy sea made for great scenes along the coast, and I got to create the images precisely how I wanted to. The initial set up with capturing L.E images is always a bit time consuming but once that's out of the way the rest is a breeze. Below are some of the images from yet another morning adventure with a great bunch of people and my Fujifilm XE2.