'Artist at work'

I'm a massive admirer of creative people. They inspire me in what I do, and its always an amazing experience seeing them at work. I've had this thought of working with an artist for a while, yet because I'm picky with personal projects such as this one, it has taken an absolute age. A bit over a month ago the stars finally aligned in my favour.

The 'artist at work' project was born out of my want to showcase the process of creating an exemplary piece of work. This brings me to the individual with whom I decided to shoot. 
I don't think I can ever do justice to introducing 'Liubov Nikitina-Silva', because she is above and beyond any ordinary artist. You NEED to see her work, and if you have a deep appreciation of the arts, then at some point in your life you NEED to own a piece of her work.

From a photographic standpoint I wanted to keep this shoot as natural as possible, and in doing so chose to shoot within the confines of the artist's work space.Besides the intricacies of her work, I also wanted to capture the emotion associated with creating such skilled art.

It's fair to say that this shoot was something a little different to what I'm generally used to, especially since my presence didn't need to be so obvious. At times I had to shadow her movements, yet constantly bear in mind that her ease at work was of the utmost importance to me, and the final image.

If at some point you really wanted to see the final result of her work here then you'd be elated to know that it is now complete. Follow Nikitina on Instagram (@nikkiewww) and you can see it right there. 
I can't thank Nikkie enough for this experience. I had an absolute blast creating these images, and would do it again in  a heartbeat. 

Thanks for reading everyone. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.